WarPath 1.0.50

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Win the hearts and minds of the Galaxy, five minutes at a time.

WarPath is a deep, 1 to 4 player, Real Time Strategy game. Explore, fight, mine, trade, shop, invest, subvert. Your goal is to win the hearts of the galaxy for your Path.

"Trek meets Hammurrabi"

Suggestions for improvement are gratefully accepted via email. Please see Developer Website for details.

The World of WarPath

WarPath places you in the distant future of a galaxy not unlike our own. In this galaxy, empires have evolved, spread out and discovered they were not alone. After an adolescent conflict stage, the empires settled down to a long period of quasi-peace.

Four empires have ascended to pre-eminence and divided the galaxy between them into quadrants, each ruled by a different house. The peace between houses is maintained by an artificial energy barrier which separates the quadrants.

This barrier was designed to destroy any ship which attempted to leave its home quadrant. The barrier itself is left over from an ancient civilization which intended to keep the empires apart until they were mature enough to deal with each other.

Progress is sometimes the enemy of peace.

The Simpson's Chaos theory of AD 4923 led to the development of the chaos-deflecting shield layer. For the first time, it was possible to add shield layers together for a cumulative effect. As a result, it became possible at last to cross the barriers, but with no guarantee that you would survive.

Into this universe, you were born. Your youth on the home planet of your quadrant was uneventful. However, recently a major change has come to the galaxy.. the Path.

Although knowledge of the Path was suppressed for millennia by the philosophers of the galaxy, a popular television show released its details to the masses. It is now known that all philosophical and economic pursuits can be divided into two Paths: The Path of Peace (symbolized by the green aura) and the Path of War (symbolized by the red aura).

As news of the Path spread throughout the galaxy, each of the galactic houses were quick to align with one Path or the other. The other planets, slow to adopt to new trends, have remained uncommitted (as symbolized by the yellow aura of indecision).

Your job is to embrace the Path of your empire, and to influence the uncommitted planets into following your Path. Of course, you may have a fundamental disagreement with the Path of your empire and may choose to follow a Path of your own.

Game Features:

* Play solo or online with up to four players: bots or humans in any mix, via wifi or 3G.
* Configurable Bot AI
* Choose your own Empire, Ship Design, and Path
* Explorable galaxy of planets to be exploited for resources, colonized for your Path, or subjugated.
* Equip your ship with shields, pods, and weapons by shopping on friendly planets.
* Develop planets through investment in agriculture, defense, industry, education, mining, and space dock
* Earn tax income from populations following your Path.
* Increasing Tek level unlocks additional weapons and upgrades
* Earn achievements
* Dogfight with other ships or battle planets directly with bombs.
* Diplomatic Radio allows remote coercion of planetary leaders through bribery, flattery, or threat.
* Built-in hint system to discover the game's many features.
* Useful ship extensions like Radar, Galactic Guide, and Stealth shields
* Text chat with other players.
* Status panels show galactic and planetary details.
* Credit system allows you to borrow money in an emergency.
* Weapons include basic phasers, missiles, bombs, and mines, as well as hunter-seekers, neutron bombs, quark-busters, and plague bombs.
* Watch plague spread throughout the galaxy, or cure it planet by planet.
* Multiple User Interface modes
* Multiple Saved Game Slots (Captain's Logs) ( Solo games are auto-saved on exit, and can be resumed later)

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